Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NO News...

So I get a blog so that I can capture my thoughts and have a place for my friends and family to go to keep in touch...and I have no news! Nothing funny, scary or interesting is happening! I guess that is good and God isn't giving me anything more than I can handle! HA, LOL!

Shelby is practicing sliding into her teen years, exerting the independence that she thinks she has. It is a bit challenging, to say the least, and I am sure it will get worse before it gets better! Pray with me...I remember when she was about 2 remarking that someday I would be thankful for her independence but that time has yet to come, someday, someday.

I do have a LO starting to develop in my little brain. Speaking of little, I have been into printing little pictures lately. I just printed several pictures from our recent Cricut SWARM at Susan's store and I want to use those pictures on a LO with the Bug cake. Need to remember to use the Cricut green and pink polka dot ribbon I have. For those of you who don't know, the Cricut is a die cutting machine I use in scrapbooking. It's signature color is a wonderful, bright lime green and the Cricuts are nicknamed bugs. Susan had a cute cupcake, cake made to look like the Cricut logo and it will be the center of my page. I will be working on this one in the coming on the lookout.

In the meantime...please say a prayer for my cousin's husband Rob. He is going through some medical challenges right now and they could use the extra thoughts. Also, my little Bro Adrian and his family are trying to get moved and are having a hard time finding a place and making it all come together, meanwhile my SIL is training for her new job. They too could use a little support from above.

See ya later! Gotta get to and a half more days of Duty Officer!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seems Fitting That...

I am posting another snow LO, since it is snowing outside right now! UGH!!! Shawn and Shelby are getting better, and I have a little touch of the flu, but got started on Tamiflu and is seems to be mostly working. I made huge progress on a project at work this weekend. I am on call so I ended up going in to work to get some things done! Anyway~because I made prgress, I worked this LO that I have been fretting over for a week. I just couldn't get it to come together. I finally got an idea this morning and was able to get the LO to turn out just perfect!

There are 13 total picts on this LO All are from my house.
The Snow Beautiful is from Alphalicious short stack with the O in snow from AE. I turned the B upside down as I like that look better. I layered the lettes on shadows. The tag is also from AE. I used DS to do some stretching of the tag and the snow word. Snow is lightly Stickled with Star Dust.
The photo mat on page 2 is chalked on the edges and the tag has some fibers from my stash!
The journaling reads:
The 2007-2008 winter season left us with many challenges~Shawn's fall, snow days, the flu, lot's of digging out...but best of all it left us with gorgeous views. Some that could only be described as, "Snow Beautiful".

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two layouts and oh boy!

Well, here are the two layouts that I have alluded to. I used a snowflake from the Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge and then the negative on the other. Pretty simple LO's but I like how they came out. I liked being able to use several small picts on the LO instead of doing several LO's with several pictures. Thanks for looking!

OH BOY! Is Shawn ever sick. His fever got as high as 102.4. He has been more awake during the night than asleep the last several nights. Guess what that means about my amount of sleep!? Shelby is doing better, but her cough is terrible! I can't believe that she can even breath! As a matter of fact when angel boy (Devil Hunter) pinched her yesterday and she cried, her lips turned grey! Thankfully she seems to be a little better today. She is still very quiet and still which is a the major sign that she is ill. There are so many people at work who are sick! I still am hoping that Hunter and I skate past this one. Also, at work we had two people affected by an apartment fire. The apartment above them burned and they have love their home and much of their belongings, so things have been busy. There is a word that describes what I hope for during my on call week which I won't say right now but it starts with a Q...I am hoping for that to be!

Oh, too funny! Hunter ate Hot Wings for dinner tonight. His little orange face and hands~so cute! He was trying to be tough and not "appear" affected by the spice! HEE, hee. I should have gotten a pict!. OH BOY! I had my chance!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh it's going to be fun!


Well the whole family is sick. At least hubby and daughter are! I think it is the flu~the icky bad kind that is running rampant right now. Hopefully Hunter doesn't get it too, but are there any bets? DH woke me up at 3:00 freezing and has done nothing but complain since then. He even complained when I told him that he and DD are going to the Dr. today! Did I mention that this is going to be fun!?

  • Mom, I am reminding you to talk to me about the black milk glass you found!

I still have 2 layouts to post and a third in progress. It will probably be in progress now for a bit. As if the whole family being sick isn't enough work, I also switched on call week with someone at work, so tomorrow at noon until next Thursday at noon I am on call. I never say the Q word, which I won't even identify right now, during or right before an on call week, so tough if you can't figure it out!

I'll try and get those LO's posted tonight...but for those reading this post, please keep my family in your thoughts. All joking and complaining aside, I hate to see them in any discomfort. It breaks my heart!

They both tested positive for the flu today, so $104 later for prescriptions I hop they are on the mend. I'll keep you posted, you keep your fingers crossed that Hunter and I don't get it! Deal!?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Probably just dreamin' today

I probably won't be doing any scrappin' today except the dreamin' kind. For some reason my family thinks that they need clean clothes, dishes, floors and toilets in this house. Silly them! I have trained my husband Shawn to help me ~ and he is very helpful, but convienently he has a "light" that is coming on in his new truck and he is taking it to the dealer to have it looked at. This bright yellow truck is the same color as a lemon~let's hope it isn't a lemon! I am actually not concerned that there is anything wrong, since this truck has some factory installed extras, I am sure that something just didn't get plugged back in right!
Anyway, back to the housework~err blogging about housework. It has to get done! The kids will help some but I will be doing the bulk of it. Actually, I will be doing most of the work! Shelby is currently doing her homework and while Hunter is a help~he isn't good at toilets~yet! There must be some rule against this! When I announed that it was housecleaning day, Hunter said, "Mom, when are you going to win the lottery?". Boy don't I wish I knew, then I could scrap while some nice person did my housework.
Of course that is just a dream....

Hahahaha!!! I got some scrappin' in today afterall! I have completed two pages and printed several pictures to work on a third. I don't think I will get them posted tonight, but I am so happy that I got to play today! Life is but a dream!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Too Cute to Get in Trouble

Thanks to several ladies on Cricut Chat (the Cricut MB) I have a title for this page. I used Alpalicious, MF, MM, and PS on this as well as DS of course. Anyway, the picts are of my DS when he was about 18 months old. The first one he doesn't know that he has been caught, the second he knows, and the third is an all out laugh with his head thrown back!
I love looking back at the kids and seeing how much they have grown. I chose this page title today when Hunter said something very similar today when I scolded him.

I look at the kids and they are growing so fast! It is just shocking!

Shawn's Yellow Truck

This LO is of Shawn's new truck that he got last weekend. He has wanted a yellow vehicle the entire time we have been married. This truck is a brand new, 2008 Dodge, 1500, 5.7 liter Hemi with a lift kit, and more options than anyone should have at their disposal. He loves it and we got the best deal we ever have on a vehicle deal, so I am happy.

Here is the funny part though; a week before Shawn found this truck he came in my scrap room and looked around. He asked, "How much money do you have in scrapbook supplies?" I replied, "Hmmm, let's see. ATV, ATV, boat, camper, ATV, ATV, boat, motorcylce and camper." I have about an ATV worth at most. Shawn replied, "Point taken!" So I guess he is yet another one up on me! Oh well, he is happy and I am happy, that is what matters.

Thanks for looking today!

Dreams & Reality

This LO is one that I did yesterday. It is of my HS graduation photo and the journaling comes from my HS book with a constrast to the reality of today. I really enjoyed doing this LO and thought it was the perfect way to display my senior photo.
Here is the journaling in a font easier to read on this board.

· Living independently
· Living with husband and 2 kids
· Attached
· Very attached. So far married 12 years!
· Employed as an elementary school teacher
· Work in a prison ~ as the training coordinator
· To be in contact with HS friends
· Yes, Karen, Renee and Becky. Although not nearly as often as I would like
· Drive a Nissan 240 SX
· Since HS I have had: a Nissan Pulsar, Cheverolet Beretta~Indy, Ford Escort GT, Toyota 4-Runner, GMC Yukon, Nissan X-Terra, Chevy Venture (mini-van)! Not to mention the cars Shawn has had
· Graduated from college with an elementary education degree
· Didn’t complete college. Life got in the way and it was too important to get a good job right now!

I love my reality!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Siobhan's Sample Scrappin' Before the Blog

Now a Blog Too!

I don't quite know what I have done to myself. As if I don't have enough else to do, I have decided to start a blog! Why??? I hope that this blog will give me an opportunity to keep my thoughts and my projects in one place. I find myself sending picts of the different projects to different people and to different places. Maybe it will be easier to send my friends and family to my blog. Also, I wanted a place to send ideas to! I hate to write...with a pen that is. I love my handwriting but want to save it for journaling on my pages. I do not like to jot notes down on paper but I find myself writing notes to myself in several different word documents, IE. songs to burn, page titles, funny things the kids say...etc. Maybe a blog will give me an opportunity to send all the thoughts to one place. Maybe a blog will allow me to quit Dreaming constantly of Scrappin~since I will have a place for my ideas and such! We'll see!
BTW~page idea...Hunter used to bite the wheels off his toy cars (HotWheels) when he would receive a new car he was always say, "I bite the wheels off" with the cutest little voice. When asked why, he would always say, "Cause they are chewy." Anyway can't forget this one!
Feel free to remind me of other cute, strange or off things my kids or I have done so that these memories can be preserved!
Welcome to my blog...I love having you drop in!