Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy scrappin' weekend!!!

I got some of my creative edge back! I was able to make 15 pages this weekend and 2 cards. These are by far not my most creative work, but I am glad to have accomplished so much.I am posting these as well as my cards I made last week for Rlyee, Shelby and Hunter's birthdays. I must thank Shawn for doing most of the housework so I could play too!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

MY Altered ATG Gun, and my Birthday Notes!

I had such a wonderful birthday this year. Not because I got stuff but because my friends and family made me feel so loved! My Mom and Lesley gave me this ATG gun at our recent Royal Gorge SWARM which was held just a couple of days before my birthday! With the help of Donna, Susan and I think just about everyone else at the SWARM they got it painted for me!Yesterday I finally had enough guts to do the altering. The base is a wooden tissue box that is painted to match~this idea came from Pam! For my birthday I also got a really cool stamp from my Mom with my name on it so I can "sign" my work! My wonderful hubby and kiddos got me a beautiful necklace and Shelby made me a card they all signed. Amy gave me a bag of Skittles at the SWARM which is just too cool since I haven't been able to find them on my own, although Lesley sent me some. Now I don't feel like I have to ration them. At work my unit got me a really yummy, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake (that is triple chocolate, just more fun to say it again and again!), and a fun card. And my NSSS Marianne called me from Pennsylvania! What a wonderful conversation we had. I just love it when we get to talk! I really was just overwhelmed with love this year and I am sure that I am leaving something or someone out, so to all...thank you!