Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am cool once again

My kids surprise the hell out of me sometimes! Shelby err...Leslie, had her first day of 7th grade on Thursday and she asked me to walk her in...OMG! So we went in, found out who her advisory teacher was and she said, "Mom will you stay for a while?" I said, "Sure" trying not to act too surprised...I am thinking hmmmm if I am late to work it will so be worth it! A nano second and a half later, Leslie spots a group of her friends and turns to me and says, "You can go now." She reached over, touched my shoulder and said, "Bye now!" Hee hee, now I am not cool again! LOL! I loved it while it lasted though!

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ScrappinMaMa said...

ha ha, that's too funny!