Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday play time...

This is what I have accomplished so far this Saturday...I hope you enjoy them!

This is Cinderella and Prince Charming from the Cricut Happily Ever After cartridge. I cut this at 6" all in white and the embossed the layers with the Cuttlebug. The glitter on the embossing is a Gelly Roll clear glitter pen. (I should mention that the white on white look is a scraplift from someone on the Cricut Message Board, but I don't remember who~so sorry about that).

The two cards are pretty similar. Stamped flourish with glitter pen accents and Alphalicious cuts with Prima flowers to finish off!

Happy Saturday, check back there might be more. I also might get to the tagging this afternoon, depends on how long the inspiration bug stays around! Hee, hee!!!!
Ok, the inspiration bug stuck around long enough for me to get this LO done. I used Mini Monograms for the smile and the paper is DCWV Nana's Kids. I was even able to find some brads that matched perfectly. It is nice when a LO comes together as easily as this one did. The most difficult part was getting a picture of Hunter with a perfect smile! But this time we did!

Happy Saturday evening all!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well...I have been missing in action...

I didn't know that I had been tagged!!! I have been so busy at work, with Stevie passing and getting ready for my vacation that I haven't scrapped or even had anything to share~so I hadn't been here and didn't know that I had been tagged. I see if I can deal with that in a little bit!

No real exciting news. I am currently with some of the people who would regularly read my blog~except my internet buddies all of whom I miss very much!

While I am in Kansas City I plan to realx and shop. We are having a family gathering to honor Stevie on Tuesday. I won't get to do any scrapping since I brought zero supplies, but when I get home I plan on making a few LO's. I bought a cool stamp from Susan's store right before I left along with a new Bind it All, which Shawn actually wanted, so I will see if I can make something cool with it.

That's all for now...TTFN! Which by the way, I bought my Pooh carts right before I left too! I can't wait til those come in!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


My Mom came up to my house yesterday so we could spend some time together.Kinda gave her an oportunity to get away from all the chaos. While waiting for her to get here (she is not exactly a morning person) Shelby and I spent some time scrapping. I did this one of Shelby with one of my most favorite picutres of her,

She finished these two pages:

Saturday, March 8, 2008


The journaling for this page reads: Family time has always been very important to the Gillespie clan & it is not unusual for us to be together for even just a simple meal. For several years many of us would meet at the Mountain Mainia Car Show which is held every summer in Buena Vista. Our family would get together to celebrate Shelby and Hunter's birthdays during this show and often the show would coincide with the time our cousins, the Schemmer's were in town. In 2003 we won the family award at the car show when over 20 members of our family joined us for the events. Pictured L to R 1st row are: Rhonda, Shelby, Hunter, Billy (Dad B), Tiffany, Marilyn (Mom B), Stevie, 2nd row: Joyce, Tammy, Mary (Mom G), Siobhan, Susan, Braden, 3rd row: Marvin, Kevin, Aaron, Gill (Dad G), Adrian, Robin, & Dwayne. Connie, Chris, Pat, Brittany, Steve and Shawn had also joined us or part of the day. How wonderful our FAMILY is.
Ok, now I need to get busy. Family is on the way so we can spend some time together remembering and reflecting Stevie.

1st Grade Hunter & 5th Grade Shelby

Here are a couple of school LO's. I have this really cool Karen Foster paper that looks like a sheet of notebook paper. I have decided to do all of my kids' school photos on this paper. I am starting with this year and working backwards. I used Locker Talk for the grade and on Hunter's I used the spider web from PD to play up the fact that he insisted on wearing his Spiderman shirt for school photos.

Friday, March 7, 2008

In Memory of Stevie

My very sweet uncle Stevie died Wednesday night, March 5, 2008. He has had a bit of a rough time lately and now he is at complete peace. He has missed his Mom and Dad so dearly since their passings and I am comforted by the fact that they met him in heaven and took him in their arms. Please keep my family, especially my Mom and Aunt Patti in your prayers during the next few days. Thanks...I will hopefully be back with a LO or two later this weekend.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Only one...

Well, I only got one LO done this weekend! Bummer for me:( This was of our SWARM we had in January and for you Cricut lovers, that font is Alphalicious with the S turned upside down on purpose. I like it that way better!

Working on some ideas for some others though!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Laughing, Shopping and Scrapping

That's today~I hope. Let's start with the laughing...Shelby went to a school dance last night. I am still laughing this morning at her reaction to the dance. While this isn't the first one, it was her first one without me hovering around.
Shelby came home and I asked, "How was the dance? Did you have fun?" Shelby replied (while rolling her eyes), "What do you think?" I (hee, hee) said, "Yeah, you had fun!" She says, "No Mom, it was boring!" I, "What was boring?" She (rolling eyes again), "Mom, they played old fashioned songs (my era) and all anyone did was dance!" I said, "Moo, (her nickname) it was a dance!" Shelby replies, "Oh, you don't get it do you?!", Nope guess not (although I really do!) HA, it was too funny. Maybe you had to be there or know my daughter, but this just has me rolling! I may have to bug her this morning to find out what "old fashioned" songs they played!

I get to go grocery shopping today. While I don't have a Six Pack of kids, my shopping experiences are very similar to Dawn's. I can't believe how much junk those two want!!! Anyway, grocery shopping for me is an event. I am very picky about my lists and coupons and where I buy my items, gotta make that dollar stretch! Although the dollar is more like $.70 these days! UGH!!!

I plan to finish my day with a good dose of scrapping. I would like to do a LO from our last Royal Gorge SWARM and one of a car show a few years ago when we won the family award because we had the most family members at the car show. If I remember right, we won that honor more than once and I might say, what an honor to have a family like I do. We enjoy each other so much, even down into the second and third cousins part of the tree. Really too cool! I found a cool "family" sticker in my stash and this would be perfect for that LO.

So TTFN for now. If I actually accomplish a LO today, I will post them!