Saturday, March 1, 2008

Laughing, Shopping and Scrapping

That's today~I hope. Let's start with the laughing...Shelby went to a school dance last night. I am still laughing this morning at her reaction to the dance. While this isn't the first one, it was her first one without me hovering around.
Shelby came home and I asked, "How was the dance? Did you have fun?" Shelby replied (while rolling her eyes), "What do you think?" I (hee, hee) said, "Yeah, you had fun!" She says, "No Mom, it was boring!" I, "What was boring?" She (rolling eyes again), "Mom, they played old fashioned songs (my era) and all anyone did was dance!" I said, "Moo, (her nickname) it was a dance!" Shelby replies, "Oh, you don't get it do you?!", Nope guess not (although I really do!) HA, it was too funny. Maybe you had to be there or know my daughter, but this just has me rolling! I may have to bug her this morning to find out what "old fashioned" songs they played!

I get to go grocery shopping today. While I don't have a Six Pack of kids, my shopping experiences are very similar to Dawn's. I can't believe how much junk those two want!!! Anyway, grocery shopping for me is an event. I am very picky about my lists and coupons and where I buy my items, gotta make that dollar stretch! Although the dollar is more like $.70 these days! UGH!!!

I plan to finish my day with a good dose of scrapping. I would like to do a LO from our last Royal Gorge SWARM and one of a car show a few years ago when we won the family award because we had the most family members at the car show. If I remember right, we won that honor more than once and I might say, what an honor to have a family like I do. We enjoy each other so much, even down into the second and third cousins part of the tree. Really too cool! I found a cool "family" sticker in my stash and this would be perfect for that LO.

So TTFN for now. If I actually accomplish a LO today, I will post them!

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