Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NO News...

So I get a blog so that I can capture my thoughts and have a place for my friends and family to go to keep in touch...and I have no news! Nothing funny, scary or interesting is happening! I guess that is good and God isn't giving me anything more than I can handle! HA, LOL!

Shelby is practicing sliding into her teen years, exerting the independence that she thinks she has. It is a bit challenging, to say the least, and I am sure it will get worse before it gets better! Pray with me...I remember when she was about 2 remarking that someday I would be thankful for her independence but that time has yet to come, someday, someday.

I do have a LO starting to develop in my little brain. Speaking of little, I have been into printing little pictures lately. I just printed several pictures from our recent Cricut SWARM at Susan's store and I want to use those pictures on a LO with the Bug cake. Need to remember to use the Cricut green and pink polka dot ribbon I have. For those of you who don't know, the Cricut is a die cutting machine I use in scrapbooking. It's signature color is a wonderful, bright lime green and the Cricuts are nicknamed bugs. Susan had a cute cupcake, cake made to look like the Cricut logo and it will be the center of my page. I will be working on this one in the coming on the lookout.

In the meantime...please say a prayer for my cousin's husband Rob. He is going through some medical challenges right now and they could use the extra thoughts. Also, my little Bro Adrian and his family are trying to get moved and are having a hard time finding a place and making it all come together, meanwhile my SIL is training for her new job. They too could use a little support from above.

See ya later! Gotta get to and a half more days of Duty Officer!!!

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