Monday, February 18, 2008

Probably just dreamin' today

I probably won't be doing any scrappin' today except the dreamin' kind. For some reason my family thinks that they need clean clothes, dishes, floors and toilets in this house. Silly them! I have trained my husband Shawn to help me ~ and he is very helpful, but convienently he has a "light" that is coming on in his new truck and he is taking it to the dealer to have it looked at. This bright yellow truck is the same color as a lemon~let's hope it isn't a lemon! I am actually not concerned that there is anything wrong, since this truck has some factory installed extras, I am sure that something just didn't get plugged back in right!
Anyway, back to the housework~err blogging about housework. It has to get done! The kids will help some but I will be doing the bulk of it. Actually, I will be doing most of the work! Shelby is currently doing her homework and while Hunter is a help~he isn't good at toilets~yet! There must be some rule against this! When I announed that it was housecleaning day, Hunter said, "Mom, when are you going to win the lottery?". Boy don't I wish I knew, then I could scrap while some nice person did my housework.
Of course that is just a dream....

Hahahaha!!! I got some scrappin' in today afterall! I have completed two pages and printed several pictures to work on a third. I don't think I will get them posted tonight, but I am so happy that I got to play today! Life is but a dream!

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