Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh it's going to be fun!


Well the whole family is sick. At least hubby and daughter are! I think it is the flu~the icky bad kind that is running rampant right now. Hopefully Hunter doesn't get it too, but are there any bets? DH woke me up at 3:00 freezing and has done nothing but complain since then. He even complained when I told him that he and DD are going to the Dr. today! Did I mention that this is going to be fun!?

  • Mom, I am reminding you to talk to me about the black milk glass you found!

I still have 2 layouts to post and a third in progress. It will probably be in progress now for a bit. As if the whole family being sick isn't enough work, I also switched on call week with someone at work, so tomorrow at noon until next Thursday at noon I am on call. I never say the Q word, which I won't even identify right now, during or right before an on call week, so tough if you can't figure it out!

I'll try and get those LO's posted tonight...but for those reading this post, please keep my family in your thoughts. All joking and complaining aside, I hate to see them in any discomfort. It breaks my heart!

They both tested positive for the flu today, so $104 later for prescriptions I hop they are on the mend. I'll keep you posted, you keep your fingers crossed that Hunter and I don't get it! Deal!?

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