Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two layouts and oh boy!

Well, here are the two layouts that I have alluded to. I used a snowflake from the Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge and then the negative on the other. Pretty simple LO's but I like how they came out. I liked being able to use several small picts on the LO instead of doing several LO's with several pictures. Thanks for looking!

OH BOY! Is Shawn ever sick. His fever got as high as 102.4. He has been more awake during the night than asleep the last several nights. Guess what that means about my amount of sleep!? Shelby is doing better, but her cough is terrible! I can't believe that she can even breath! As a matter of fact when angel boy (Devil Hunter) pinched her yesterday and she cried, her lips turned grey! Thankfully she seems to be a little better today. She is still very quiet and still which is a the major sign that she is ill. There are so many people at work who are sick! I still am hoping that Hunter and I skate past this one. Also, at work we had two people affected by an apartment fire. The apartment above them burned and they have love their home and much of their belongings, so things have been busy. There is a word that describes what I hope for during my on call week which I won't say right now but it starts with a Q...I am hoping for that to be!

Oh, too funny! Hunter ate Hot Wings for dinner tonight. His little orange face and hands~so cute! He was trying to be tough and not "appear" affected by the spice! HEE, hee. I should have gotten a pict!. OH BOY! I had my chance!

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Stampin' Meg said...

Great use of the Big AE snowflake!