Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's a Pooh!!!

My Mom came up to BV to get her "baby fix" from her grandkids since they all live here now. Between her hugs, the kids' playing and Rylee's nap, she and I had some Mother/Daughter time. We mostly looked at scrap stuff and played with my Cuttlebug. Ok, I played with my Mom's Cuttlebug folders, especially the Swiss Dots one, making a stack about 6" tall of different colored papers that I had ran through CB with her Swiss Dots folder. Mom played with my stamps! We had fun!

I finally got my Pooh Cricut Cartridges this week. I spent a great deal of time playing with them this weekend and had a BLAST! I was helped by Shelby who re-kindled her love of Pooh in doing so. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did putting them together!

Ok this is the first one I did. This baby Eeyore is from Pooh Font and is done at 3" with the font being the wood feature at 1". I am just tickled how it turned out.

This one of Shelby is our first favorite picture of her. She held on to that Pooh doll like you wouldn't believe. The Pooh is from Pooh Font at 6". I cut his butt off or he would be another 1.5" wide. The frame is from Pooh and Friends at 4".

Here is Shelby at about 6 months. This Pooh is on the Pooh font cartridge at 6". He is too cute, was too much fun to make and was too, too perfect for this picture. I knew there was a reason it took me 11 years to scrap it!

This one is Pooh and Friends with Pooh at 5" the grass is at 3" and 5" with the flowers being at 3" and Stickles placed in the middle.

That's all for now!. I am going to work some on my Columbine Memorial pages. With today being the 9 year anniversary of this horrific event, I find peace in these photos. The memorial is a beatiful piece of art. I cannot describe the overwhelming sense of peace at this place. You can truely feel the angels there, just as Dawn Anna stated at the groundbreaking. I get goosebumps as I write this ~ that is how powerful my memories of my visit there last fall are. It may be a while before I have these pages done, but I will share them when they are complete as I know that there are readers of my blog who will likely never get to experience the memorial in person.
So until next time...Happy Sunday~Hug those that you love just a little tighter today as we are never guarenteed another today with them.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Make a wish...

I made this card for a friend at work who just turned 50. She is somewhat new and none of us knew it was her birthday until she let it slip that she had turned 50 a couple of weeks back! The cake is from DCT and the 50 is from Alphalicious. I used stamps for the flourish and make a wish.
Mom is coming to town today, she says she needs a baby fix. I am sure that she does. After having the kids a bunch she hasn't seen them now for weeks. I am sure we will play with some scrap supplies while she is here, Yea!!!
Have a lovely day...I have e-mails to write to several people which I will try and get to today as well. Marianne, Erin, Dee, If you see this I am thinking of you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here are some Cricut cuts that I made recently. This is a rose from one of the Princess carts. I used the glitter pen on the rose and in real life it looks really pretty.

This is a close up of a snowflake that I attached to a letter using Design Studio. I used Liquid Applique and glitter on this and it looks really cool! The entire word is the next picture.
The whole word...
This owl was done using Animal Kingdom and I just love how he came out. I used a white pen on the eyes and lots of pen strokes as accents.

Those are my fun cuts for now. Not much else going on. I came home early from work to sit with Hunter who has very swollen glands right now and has been diagnosed with an ear infection. I am a terrible mommy since he has been complaining for days with no other symptoms so I thought he was just trying to stay home with Shawn. Little did we know! So we cuddled all afternoon. I am hoping to play with my new Pooh carts this weekend.
Check back!

You can run...

Ok really quick...a guy at work dodged his 40th birthday by not working on the day or for several days afterward (mini-vacation) I think he mistakenly thinks we are going to forget! HA! Not a chance!

This is the card that I made to give to him from all of us! I used Cricut Mickey and Friends font and my new Bo Bunny stamps. The ink spots I heat embossed so they look like wet paint.

The inside of the card...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pictures as promised!!!

Here are the pictures I promised of the LO's I did last weekend and a card I made for my Sister-in-Law for her birthday.

This one is of my Dad and Hunter (7years ago) telling secrets. I used the Cuttlebug to emboss the middle strip.

This one is of Shawn and a friend fishing. Shawn jumped into the lake after his fishing pole, I am that passionate about my scrapping too, so I completely understand! I used the Cricut AK on th e words fish and Tales.

This is a favorite picture of my Mom and Dad dancing at a car show a couple of years ago. They were dancing to Cherish by the Association, which is their song.

This one is about my Grandma. This sketch was drawn by a lady that lived in the same care home as my grandma shortly before she died. The style is quite similar to my Grandpa John's art style, which makes this even more cool.

This is a card for my Sister-in-law Connie who had a birthday yesterday. I haven't been able to get a hold of her to give it to her and I hope she doesn't see it here first. Hee, hee! The butterflies are heat embossed and the popped up one is a Cuttlebug butterfly.

Ok that's it for now, I got nothing else done today!

Come on this afternoon!

It has been a busy week. Hunter is well now~I love how kids bounce back from illness. If only adults could too. Shawn is finally well but he was sick for a straight two months~he finally figured out if he would wash his waterbottles maybe that would make him feel better! DUH! I didn't know he was filling water bottles (good for him, water is great for everyone), he said I would know this if I would make his lunch. This is an ongoing joke between the two of us. If I pack his lunch he gripes that I didn't put anything good in it, so I ask what he wants and he says,
"Oh, I don't care, just whatever." ARGHHHH!! MEN!! LOL!! It has been a busy week. We prepared all week long for the Govenor and other important people to come for a round table discussion on programming and recidivisim. It was actually quite interesting. I was also so happy that my natural grace took a break and I didn't trip on my way to or from the media equipment for that portion of the presentation. Everyone at the facility would have understood but the Govenor would have just thought I was a goof! HA!

I am participating in a job fair this morning to promote careers in corrections and after that it is scrap time! Rylee and Braden will be here this afternoon so that should be fun and Shelby and Hunter will be entertained! I still have pages from last week to post...I promise I will try and get them on today. Mom, I did a page of you and Daddy and I just LOVE the picture. Ok, alright, it will be posted today!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ICK! Not for the easily grossed out!

In the middle of a wonderful deep sleep this morning at approximately 3:00 I was gently (NOT) awaken to the sound of a child vomiting. Never a fun thing but this child had been sleeping between Shawn and I all night. Now he was vomiting in our bed, between us. Quick, up we get and while he was still half asleep Shawn threw the covers from the bed! OOOOPS, that threw the vomit which was on top of the covers across the room! So for the next several minutes we got to strip the bed and clean the carpet and other various items in our room that were now covered with our early morning gift. I don't do vomit very well and am still quite queasy from it al, or at least I hope that is why I am queasy, I hope I am not next! UGH! Poor little Hunter, he felt so bad, but now he gets to stay home with Daddy which is his favorite thing to do anyway. I on the other hand get to go to work! Lucky me! I hope it is a good day!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ahhhhhhh Sleep!

Well to start off, this weekend for the first weekend in many weeks, I acutally slept on Sunday night! I haven't been able to fall asleep on a Sunday night in so long! I have actually begun to dread Sunday evenings. It isn't even as though my mind in racing, it just won't shut down. I have tried everything from making lists, to reading and relaxing. Nonetheless, last night I slept, whoo hoo! I hope this will have a positive impact on the week. I have much to do at work and at home!

I did manage to get some scrapping done this weekend. 6 total sides, except for one page I can't find the picture. Funny...I usually can't scrap without the picture, but this LO is actually more about the journaling. It is of my Grandma who I lost in October and specifically the journaling is what I wrote to be read about her at her funeral. No way I could have read it, I am such a baby, I will cry at anything and when my heart is attached...let the faucet flow!

I will try and get picutres taken this evening and posted. These pages are some of the most simple ones I have done in a while and it was nice to just get the pictures and thoughts done!

I had my niece and nephew here this weekend. I am going to be "supervising" Shelby babysitting them Thursday, Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons until my Sister in law gets moved to another shift! Hopefully it will be dayshift! Anyway, it was wonderful to have them. My nephew and son played quite a bit and it will be neat having them able to play. Rylee is a dolly. She walkes around talking about whatever she sees. She repeats Hunters name to fill in the void! Ha! His is the only name she says repeatedly. I have to remind her what Shelby's name is otherwise she calls her "Doh, doh" which is the default name for anyone who she doesn't know or can't remember. Maybe she is on to something...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Bad Wolf

This LO is missing the picture, which is actually the face of the person who we are calling the big bad wolf at work. This started when a male colleague answered a female colleague's phone with a high pitched voice, pretending to be her. I responded with "oh my you sound terrible, oh my, you sound like the big bad wolf, etc." Anyway it was really funny (maybe you had to be there) but the gentleman got embarrassed and everyone had fun with it. So...I came home and made this using My Community and we posted it at work yesterdat. I used the wolf head on Grandma's body at 8" and the piggies are at 5".


My Scrapspace

I finally got around to cleaning my scrapspace on Sunday and took some pictures. Enjoy! It may not be clean again for a while! HA~! LOL!