Saturday, April 12, 2008

Come on this afternoon!

It has been a busy week. Hunter is well now~I love how kids bounce back from illness. If only adults could too. Shawn is finally well but he was sick for a straight two months~he finally figured out if he would wash his waterbottles maybe that would make him feel better! DUH! I didn't know he was filling water bottles (good for him, water is great for everyone), he said I would know this if I would make his lunch. This is an ongoing joke between the two of us. If I pack his lunch he gripes that I didn't put anything good in it, so I ask what he wants and he says,
"Oh, I don't care, just whatever." ARGHHHH!! MEN!! LOL!! It has been a busy week. We prepared all week long for the Govenor and other important people to come for a round table discussion on programming and recidivisim. It was actually quite interesting. I was also so happy that my natural grace took a break and I didn't trip on my way to or from the media equipment for that portion of the presentation. Everyone at the facility would have understood but the Govenor would have just thought I was a goof! HA!

I am participating in a job fair this morning to promote careers in corrections and after that it is scrap time! Rylee and Braden will be here this afternoon so that should be fun and Shelby and Hunter will be entertained! I still have pages from last week to post...I promise I will try and get them on today. Mom, I did a page of you and Daddy and I just LOVE the picture. Ok, alright, it will be posted today!

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