Saturday, April 19, 2008

Make a wish...

I made this card for a friend at work who just turned 50. She is somewhat new and none of us knew it was her birthday until she let it slip that she had turned 50 a couple of weeks back! The cake is from DCT and the 50 is from Alphalicious. I used stamps for the flourish and make a wish.
Mom is coming to town today, she says she needs a baby fix. I am sure that she does. After having the kids a bunch she hasn't seen them now for weeks. I am sure we will play with some scrap supplies while she is here, Yea!!!
Have a lovely day...I have e-mails to write to several people which I will try and get to today as well. Marianne, Erin, Dee, If you see this I am thinking of you!

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