Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ICK! Not for the easily grossed out!

In the middle of a wonderful deep sleep this morning at approximately 3:00 I was gently (NOT) awaken to the sound of a child vomiting. Never a fun thing but this child had been sleeping between Shawn and I all night. Now he was vomiting in our bed, between us. Quick, up we get and while he was still half asleep Shawn threw the covers from the bed! OOOOPS, that threw the vomit which was on top of the covers across the room! So for the next several minutes we got to strip the bed and clean the carpet and other various items in our room that were now covered with our early morning gift. I don't do vomit very well and am still quite queasy from it al, or at least I hope that is why I am queasy, I hope I am not next! UGH! Poor little Hunter, he felt so bad, but now he gets to stay home with Daddy which is his favorite thing to do anyway. I on the other hand get to go to work! Lucky me! I hope it is a good day!

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