Monday, April 7, 2008

Ahhhhhhh Sleep!

Well to start off, this weekend for the first weekend in many weeks, I acutally slept on Sunday night! I haven't been able to fall asleep on a Sunday night in so long! I have actually begun to dread Sunday evenings. It isn't even as though my mind in racing, it just won't shut down. I have tried everything from making lists, to reading and relaxing. Nonetheless, last night I slept, whoo hoo! I hope this will have a positive impact on the week. I have much to do at work and at home!

I did manage to get some scrapping done this weekend. 6 total sides, except for one page I can't find the picture. Funny...I usually can't scrap without the picture, but this LO is actually more about the journaling. It is of my Grandma who I lost in October and specifically the journaling is what I wrote to be read about her at her funeral. No way I could have read it, I am such a baby, I will cry at anything and when my heart is attached...let the faucet flow!

I will try and get picutres taken this evening and posted. These pages are some of the most simple ones I have done in a while and it was nice to just get the pictures and thoughts done!

I had my niece and nephew here this weekend. I am going to be "supervising" Shelby babysitting them Thursday, Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons until my Sister in law gets moved to another shift! Hopefully it will be dayshift! Anyway, it was wonderful to have them. My nephew and son played quite a bit and it will be neat having them able to play. Rylee is a dolly. She walkes around talking about whatever she sees. She repeats Hunters name to fill in the void! Ha! His is the only name she says repeatedly. I have to remind her what Shelby's name is otherwise she calls her "Doh, doh" which is the default name for anyone who she doesn't know or can't remember. Maybe she is on to something...

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