Saturday, March 8, 2008


The journaling for this page reads: Family time has always been very important to the Gillespie clan & it is not unusual for us to be together for even just a simple meal. For several years many of us would meet at the Mountain Mainia Car Show which is held every summer in Buena Vista. Our family would get together to celebrate Shelby and Hunter's birthdays during this show and often the show would coincide with the time our cousins, the Schemmer's were in town. In 2003 we won the family award at the car show when over 20 members of our family joined us for the events. Pictured L to R 1st row are: Rhonda, Shelby, Hunter, Billy (Dad B), Tiffany, Marilyn (Mom B), Stevie, 2nd row: Joyce, Tammy, Mary (Mom G), Siobhan, Susan, Braden, 3rd row: Marvin, Kevin, Aaron, Gill (Dad G), Adrian, Robin, & Dwayne. Connie, Chris, Pat, Brittany, Steve and Shawn had also joined us or part of the day. How wonderful our FAMILY is.
Ok, now I need to get busy. Family is on the way so we can spend some time together remembering and reflecting Stevie.

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