Friday, December 3, 2010


I have been bad at blogging...I have several projects I need to upload. Might have to work on that! Happy Friday!!!

In the meantime I am so thrilled. I got the following e-mail from Hunter's teacher and Shawn and I are just over the moon!

Shawn & Siobhan,
Hope you and your family have been well since we last spoke. I just want to take a quick opportunity to tell you that Hunter is an exceptional boy in regards to his parenting and his innate good nature. I “catch” him doing and saying genuinely kind and helpful things to other students and adults that are unsolicited and have no reward, so to speak, for him. It happens enough that I simply wanted to compliment both of you, and him on his character. I have a good number kids who also possess the same qualities, of course, but he has another layer I don’t always see. I really enjoy and am honored to be his teacher!
Hope your holidays are joyful.

Mr. Bott

We have had similar comments about Shelby in the past and I am just so excited that my kids are learning some great values!

I promise to post a few projects soon! Hugs!

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